Coronavirus Bulletin

March 13, 2020

While reported cases in our local area have been extremely limited, LifeStream Church is committed to supporting a coordinated community response to the threat of coronavirus.  As such, we have decided to move to virtual services, beginning Sunday, March 15th, and we will re-evaluate this approach on a weekly basis with public safety in mind.

We continue to seek input, heed any government instruction, and follow the directives of the US Center for Disease Control (CDC).  As updates occur to our services or other events, we will communicate the changes and any additional steps through our website, Facebook, and app notifications.

We serve a miracle-working God who is in control and we are not afraid of sickness, disease, job loss, stock market declines, or alterations to our daily routines.  We encourage everyone in the LifeStream community to be vigilant, use wisdom, and stay connected to the Lord and others during this time, even if its less possible to do so physically.  Rest assured, LifeStream will stay connected throughout the duration!  Tune in during our regular service times and live inspired in all circumstance!

Much love,
Pastor Skip

What can I do in the meantime?

  1. Pray – think a pandemic is too big to attack with prayer?  Think again.  We must pray for the sick and those in fear, for our government and community leaders, for doctors and nurses, and for caregivers.  As Christians, we believe prayer has power, so we seek help from the Lord and we don’t just rely on our own strength.
  2. Stay connected – while the rest of society practices ‘social distancing’ and increases their supply of toilet paper, INCREASE your social interaction with others through FaceTime, text messages, and phone calls.  We can still support one another in providing care.  This can happen through prayer, through verbal encouragement, and through coming alongside others to provide help in a crisis.  Remember that the vast majority of people do not have the virus!
  3. Continue to support LifeStream – through our app and our website, the LifeStream community has the ability to give digitally!  If you have never done it, now is a good time to try.  Your continued diligence through this unique time is very appreciated!

Where can I find the link to the virtual service?

What if I need help connecting on Sunday?
Text or call Dan M at 413-636-9026